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Todays' buildings use centralized automatic, management of a building’s HVAC, lighting, and security systems, through a digital “Building Management Platform”.  (BMS). BAS should increase building energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

BAS is where mechanical and electrical systems and equipment connect with microprocessors that monitor efficiency and performance.   Additionally, these networks and controllers in the I.O.T.  building can be networked to the internet or serve as a stand-alone system for the local peer-to-peer controller network only.

  And going forward, you can PREVENT costly damage. So, now is the time to plan for the future.   Let's get going!

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Indoor Climate Control -

It's time to take action! ...  A modern Air Quality system is more important than ever.    So, how can your building benefit from cleaner, fresher air?  And above all, how can your air conditioning system save energy?  In AND labor costs?  Start by building your property's value by installing Automated Zone Controls that:

1.    Operate at 100% Max Efficiency

2.     Increase Clean, Healthy Air Flow

3.     Use high-quality HEPA filters  ...