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Build And Improve Your Property's Value! 

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Are you a Manager or an Owner?  Do you work in a office or a warehouse?  Because ... that building is a great asset. It has a net worth and huge profit potential.  Today, there are TONs of new ways you can lower labor costs;    prevent costly damage, and save money on energy.  Now is the time to plan for the future.   The technology has never been better.  Right NOW is the time to build your property's value.   You can build value for your customers, your associates AND your Balance Sheet ...  Buildings are YOUR Business !

Charles F. Reilly coordinates Construction and Facilities Management projects in the Greater Bay Area.  Offices in Redwood City and  the Sonoma Wine Country.  Focus on Project Management, Business Development; Asset and Capital Management.  CA. D.R.E. #01474244


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Building Controls for Heating and Air Conditioning -

Now, Commercial HVAC's Air Quality system is more important than ever!  So, how can your Commercial building benefit from a cleaner, fresher air?  How can your air conditioning system save energy, labor and maintenance costs?  Find how to build your property's value by installing Automated Zone Control and HVAC Controls that:

1.    Operate at 100% Max Efficiency

2.     Increase Clean, Healthy Air Flow

3.     Use high-quality HEPA filters  ...


How to make the right choices and products for Roofing, Painting, and exterior maintenance.   (under construction)