Strong maintenance of existing structures is far more cost effective than damage repair.  In the Bay Area, however, serious restrictions may be imposed on the design of any new ediface.  Consult with an EXPERIENCED Architect to determine not just Building Codes, but the preferences of City Planning Departments.

Water damage to the inside  of Commerical buildings is catastrophic,  Insurance carriers may or may not cover preventable events such as leaks, floods and erosion due to poor maintain or careless Management.

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These products are based upon a planned event and planned services.  Reliable roof data to the Client is the result.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ease of Access - On-Line through a web portal.

  • Ease of Use.

  • Dynamic Reporting - As site conditions/roof area conditions change through repairs, data is automatically updated.

  • Custom Reporting.

  • Detailed and Accurate Reports.

  • Standardized Reports.

  • Database of Site History.

  • Database of Budgets.

  • Warranty Data for Roofs Available On-Line.​